The town of Gargilesse was situated at the junction of the Creuse and Gargilesse rivers.

A Cluniac priory which belonged to the abbey of Déols received pilgrims.

The church of Notre-Dame belonged to the castle stills stands today.

It is remarkable for the large number of finely carved historiated capitals depicting episodes from the Old and New Testaments.

From the Old Testament there are capitals representing the stories of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Samson and Delilah.

New Testament images of the Annunciation, Nativity, Visitation and the Magi combine to make the relatively minor church of Notre-Dame into the finest remaining representative of Romanesque sculptural art in the Berry region.

Perhaps most notably the capitals of the Twenty-Four Elders of the Apocalypse. Arranged in groups of three, the Elders are the subjects most associated with others along the pilgrimage roads to Compostela such as at Moissac and Aulnay de Saintonge.

Those at Gargilesse have been noted for their particular resemblance to those which were to be seen on the reliquary of Saint Gilles-du-Gard.

In the crypt frescoes of the Book of revelation cover the ceiling.