The Scallop Shell: It is not without reason that the pilgrims returning from the threshold of Saint James bear shells

Codex Calixtinus: I have sent this book about Blessed James unto your fatherly care

Matamoros: God has made me a soldier and a contender and sent me to fight for the Christians against the Saracens and to gain victory for them

Compostela and the fullfilment of the Mission of the Apostles: The End of the World

Saint James: To the peoples of Spain and the western places, at the world’s edge

Saint James and Charlemagne: Observing the starry way in the heavens through Spain to Gallicia, wherein till his time lay undiscovered the body of St. James

Santiago: His most holy remains were translated from Jerusalem to Spain and deposited in its uttermost region, they are revered with the most devout veneration by the people of those parts

Whosoever is truly penitent, and is from faraway shores, and has sought to request with all his heart forgiveness from the Lord and help from Saint James in Galicia, without doubt will have the slate of his sins wiped clean in eternity.

The relics of Saint James: It is enclosed in a marble casket

The Scallop Shell: The Road to Emmaus

You will have the very saints as accusers before God

Towers of the West: Torres de Oeste

Santiago de Compostela: The Building of the Romanesque Cathedral

Santiago de Compostela: The North Portal

Santiago de Compostela: The Puerta de las Plateriás

Santiago de Compostela: The Tympanum of the Instruments of the Passion

Santiago de Compostela: The Transfiguration

Santiago de Compostela: The Tympanum of the Temptation